Lisl Barry, fine artist based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa Lisl Barry, artist and author based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa
Creative Kids by Lisl Barry
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MY BOOK | 52 Ways To Grow Creative Children

Published by Jacana Publishing

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“The book 52 Ways to Grow Creative Children by Lisl Barry and her family is about exactly that - connecting with your child. With beautiful images and easy ‘instructions’, she invites the reader to explore nature and your home environment together with your child, and inspires you to create, make and bake with natural materials and ingredients.

Want to hear some examples? Design Rock Pool Fishing Rods, Spin a Web, Make Homemade Pesto Together and so much more…

Without being imposing or prescriptive, the book encourages a natural and organic approach and inspires to reuse, reduce and recycle in fun and innovative ways. A great resource for traveling, for rainy days, for the holidays - for just about any day when you need some extra inspiration!”

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“Fishing rods, fresh bread, compost heaps and camping. Activities as far away from ”screen time” - time spent with computers, video games and cellphones - as it’s possible to be. In an age when more and more experts are expressing concern about the negative effects on children of too much sedentary, techno-centric activity, a new book by two South African parents makes a valuable contribution to the drive in the opposite direction.

Titled 52 Ways To Grow Creative Children, its authors Lisl and Tom Barry live in Gamkaberg Nature Reserve in the Klein Karoo with their children, Jade (7) and Kai (5 and a half). Their idea of a happy childhood is a place where the smells and textures of simple pleasures like baking bread and playing in the dirt dominate, and this book is packed with simple activities to encourage this.

Divided into things that can be done in each of the four seasons like making a scarecrow or knotting with your fingers, this book should provide plenty of ideas for what to do once - bolstered with fresh resolve - you’ve switched off the TV and are faced with the inevitable chorus of “I’m bored”.”

Shelagh McLoughlin

“If your Children spend too much time hooked up to computer games or watching cartoons on TV, a new book has some great ideas for getting back to old-fashioned basic fun.

Author Lisl Barry’s 52 Ways to Grow Creative Children (Jacana) is packed with fun ideas that don’t require batteries or wads of cash - it suggests simple inexpensive pleasures like growing sunflowers, baking bread, walking in the countryside, dressing up, making playdough and playing in the sand pit...”

Lindsay Ord
Daily News

“If you’re attempting to provide a resource for people with children, the primary rule must be: keep it simple. Parents trying to find something to keep their children busy don’t have a lot of time to do so - they’re tied up with the task itself.

Lisl Barry and her family live in the Gamkaberg Nature Reserve in the Karoo, so ideas like ”send them to the movies” (thankfully) don’t come up. Her ideas are old-fashioned and time tested. Any parent could come up with this stuff, but with other demands on their time, having instruction sheets for any number of simple games and crafts collected in one place in a boon.

Ideas range from cookery - making pesto from home-grown ingredients - to ideas involving paints, paper and other easily sourceable items as well as ideas that requre no investment or preparation, such as making shadow animals in the sun or appreciating the flow of a river current.

Childhood is about naivety, and it should be. Keeping kids should be about fun and positive input, and this book will help with ideas.”

Bruce Denhill
Citizen, Citi Vibe

“Wat ‘n oulike boekie. Die idee is om kwaliteit-tyd saam met jou kind deur te bring terwyl julle saam allerhande aktiwiteite doen. Terselfdetyd ontwikkel jou kind se kreatiwiteit! As jy die vakansie met Jan Tuisbly se karretjie ry, is die projecte in die boekie ideaal. Dis bekostigbare pret wat julle saam by die huis kan doen. Julle kan ’n boomhuis bou, of ‘n enorme spinnerak van materiaal weef, vingerpoppe en marionette maak, of selfs ’n vlieer bou. Daar is ook lekker bak-en-brou-goed soos brood bak, roti’s en pesto maak. Die skrywer stel ook langer termyn aktiwiteite voor soos om ’n groentetuin te begin en jou kind dan te leer van groen aktiewiteite. Die handwerk-projeckte is nogal basies en behoort maklik gemaak te kan word.”

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