Lisl Barry, fine artist based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa Lisl Barry, artist and author based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa
Blind Man's Bluff (Oil on canvas) 80x40 x 25cm
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Part of the magic of art is that our interaction to
it is unique and individual.
I do not want to interfere with your experience.

I simply wish to share my creative and thought
process as I worked on ‘Blind Man‘s Bluff'.

'Blind Man's Bluff' (oil on canvas, 800X400X25mm)

It began simply enough with a young Karoo boy (for real) carrying
gathered firewood, upon his head.

The simplicity but vitalness of this age-old task I wished
to convey through the simplicity of composition...

The vitalness by the warmth of light cast upon him...

Natural light that could be harnessed for cooking
(and thereby elimanating the need to remove
indigenous wood from the environment and
disturbing eco-systems)...

My mind wandered to a thought of how the boy,
although living a basic existence would, over time,
have a localised but untold effect on his environment.*

Then I delved further and deeper.

The boy became a symbol to me, for corporations
that denude natural environments worldwide in
their quest to produce en masse...

By this time the contrasting darks that set off
the light cast on the figure, became more
brooding and threatening.

The trees behind: Ghosts of the past.


The boy became mutually symbolic for consumers in general.

The corporations only survive because we support them.
We are equally liable for damages.

Our society has a tendency to take more than
what we need...Needlessly.

Without thought of our impact.
We are blinded by habit and
brilliant marketing strategies.

We can raise our awareness by checking
labels and asking questions.
Consumer’s power lies in our
consciously choosing.

If we are to face our future we need to remove our blindfold.

And with that thought, there is then Hope
...and from the bundle of dead wood a
shoot of new growth grew and the boy’s
shadow reflected a tinge of green.

In this vein : 50% of the price of this painting
will be donated to GreenPop (
This will equate to 20 trees being planted in a denuded
area in the Western Cape.

Symbolic that change can be made.

Thank you

* Wonderfully, there is an Oudtshoorn-based ‘Wonderbag’
project (managed by CapeNature) whereby wonderbags
(a beanbag version of a hot box) are made by a group of
local ladies and distributed to communities that traditionally
rely on firewood from the veld for cooking.

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