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Lockdown in 2020 _ A Creative Gift

for anyone who may be in need

of a little inspiration.

These pages were not produced with lockdown in mind

(see MY BOOK click here) so adaptions to some ideas

dictated to by your own environment and general

restrictions in your area will be neccesary*

Enjoy and stay well!

* 'Make a Sandpit' suggests using clean building sand

but under the present circumstances clean soil in a small open

plastic basin will do the trick just fine. Just be sure it's

free of cat feces (poop)!

You can pretty much use whatever materials are available

to you in your home. That is largely what we did anyway!

It makes it an even greater creative adventure.

Whenever we were on the road and camping among trees,

Tom would fashion a temporary swing (see Make a double

pole swing) using the car tow rope and the smoothest,

longest piece of firewood. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Plant tomato pips for example, if packet seeds are unattainable.

Where cellophane is indicated use the crinkly packaging

used for some fresh veg and experiment by painting it with

paint or even food colouring if that is all you have.

And remember that if you are stuck without glue (if you'll pardon

the pun), white flour and water mixed to a lump-free thin paste

create a glue suitable for crafts! (equal parts flour to water)

May the pages from our book bring you much joy

and plant seeds that grow beyond this time of lockdown...

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