Lisl Barry, fine artist based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa Lisl Barry, artist and author based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa
Close up section of 'Reed Defined'
 Exhibition notes : 

Thoughts behind Psychedelic Reflections _ post lockdown 2020


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Entry #1 _ "Reed Defined" oil on board

Wikipedia defines 'psychedelic states' as being "an

array of experiences including changes of perception",

with among others, "altered states of awareness or

focused consciousness, ... mystical states, and other

mind alterations."

'Reflections' is described by the Collins English dictionary

as "thoughts, especially careful or long-considered ones"

and by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “an image that

you can see in a mirror or in glass or water.”

Close up of paintings: 'Birds on a Wire' (top),
'Awaiting Weavers' (bottom left), Broken Blur (bottom right)

During lockdown 2020 when it most resembled (to my

understanding of the term) house arrest I painted a

random collection of artwork (see A Cure for Mixed

, under Gallery_Available Works).

Prior to lockdown I had been working for the past

year and a half on the Birds of a Feather body

of work. The consistent subject matter and

challenge of how to bring across my message

meant my mind, and work was channelled to this

one focus.

With this lockdown work using whatever sized

canvasses I had in my studio and the randomness

of subject matter selected purely from inspiration

sake was quite freeing and maintained a creative

grip on my sanity (I hope) and helped calm my

disquiet at the increasingly conflicting threads

of weird reality that was weaving its' way into our

existence. One of these paintings, from which I

gleaned the title for this next series of work, depicted

a tranquil space in nature.

Psychedelic Reflections (top) and close ups (bottom two)

Deconstructing the composition of that 'tranquil painting'

is in fact a corner of disorderly, chaotic reeded lines and

the remainder is gently moving water upon which the

reed reflections distort and scatter and re-form in

ever-changing and mesmerising psychedelic patterns.

It whispers intrigue.

While painting, my mind and body responses lead me to

reflect, and not for the first time, how beneficial it is to be

in nature. It certainly is an integral part of who I am and I

was aching to be “out there”. Many in our society seem to

be in need of reconnecting with nature, learning from it

and learning to live in some kind of conscious harmony

with it. Covid just seemed like yet another wake up

call to Humankind.

Is anyone listening?

So my self reflection concluded thus: “if you immerse

yourself entirely in a patch of nature for long enough

you will be rewarded with a heightened sensory experience,

shifted perspective and thought. You will without a doubt,

have tapped into Earth’s most extraordinary, mind-altering drug.

And it's freely available.

For recreational and health use.”

Hence the title Psychedelic Reflections.

Reed Defined - oil on board (854x535mm) and
prints (A4 and A3) and close ups (bottom two)

I was excited to explore this further in my next series of

work - focusing on intricate and intriguing, mystical-like

patterns from nature. Since this tale began with water

reflections and self reflection, let me introduce you to

this piece: 'Reed Defined’.

Like Alice I fell into this stripy, quirky visual wonderland

and feasted my senses, while it pushed my imaginings to

other realms. So much fun to be had.

Original - oil on board (854x535mm)

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