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@Local High School _ The Street Art Bin Prize


A semi-reclusive, non-competitive artist at the

helm of a high school art competition ... part 2

Considering the fact that 3 of the 9 high school

learners taking part in the ‘Street Art bin competition'

(see previous blog post ‘Part One - creating change’) had

art as their chosen subject and considering that everyone,

no matter their skill level was giving their all to the project,

I began to … well … reconsider the options for the 'art

tour bus' art prize which I had planned specifically

for the purpose of this competition and originally

limited in number of seats because the destination

was Cape Town.

I am not one who necessarily believes that everyone

should receive a participation certificate for taking part

in events but this was not one of those situations. I

honestly couldn’t see the point in not giving everyone

the opportunity to experience art in the wider world.

How does one after all, determine which piece is ‘the

winning piece’ in art. Especially if it is not part of their

usual life scope. Even more reason to ignite an interest

in art beyond school books. And so it was that midway

through the painting process of the ‘competition’ that I

announced to the kids that the entire group would be

going on a slightly ammended version of the Art Tour

Bus. They were all stoked - and as much for the

sponsored lunch to be included.


And so it was that two months later we headed through

Meiringspoort gorge to the other side of the mountain,

arriving at the quaint hamlet of Prince Albert, ready

for the most interactive and inspiring of art experiences.

Prince Albert has a rich variety of artists who for a week,

bi-annually, open their studios to the public.

This was not one of those week’s but I had contacted a

few of the artists and they had kindly agreed to open

their studios to these learners. Prince Albert has a touch

of elephantine street art here and there by celebrated South

African street artist, Falco and it’s main street is also dotted

with, wait for it,art bins! It promised to be a fitting and

connected experience.

And it is for this reason that I write this blog -

in thanks to the selection of Prince Albert artists who gave

generously of their time and shared their techniques and work

with our group. An unforgettable experience for the kids.

And for me.

Kashief Booley Blacksmith _ Fire Artist

Joshua Miles Printmaker

Prince Albert Gallery which has a wonderful selection

of national and local artist’s work - including mine

MaryAnne Botha, of Prince Albert Gallery,

shared the work of Outa Lappies

(Jan Schoeman d. 2011, Artist, Recycler, and Philosopher)

and of another local Recycler Artist - Isak Moos.

Hekkie Moos Sketch Artist

Gita Claassen Photography

Di van der Riet-Steyn Jewellery Designer

Cobus van Bosch Oil Painter