Lisl Barry, fine artist based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa Lisl Barry, artist and author based in Oudtshoorn, Klein Karoo, Western Cape - South Africa
The Boy and The Flying Duck
The Boy and The Flying Duck
2ft in Rainbows

In the Spirit of Stars
Oceans of Dreams
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PArt 2014 _ The Pavement Art Project

This project was part of the Prince Albert Art Festival 2014 :
"Bringing Art Back Home" #pa_art

“For PArt2014, our theme 'Bringing Art Back Home'
has a range of interpretations, from making art part
of the fabric of the town to inviting artists and audiences
to relate across social barriers. We wanted to ‘domesticate’
art, to find ways to make the experience of art both
personal and meaningful to all viewers.” said Mary Anne Botha,
co-director of the Prince Albert Art Gallery.

To this end and together with Christine Thomas (who for
several years has given art classes to the children of Prince
Albert) and Hanli Marais, Lisl worked on in the Pavement
Art Project which involved several of the local primary
school children.

Thereafter Lisl developed five new art pieces inspired from,
and recreating the children’s work. These pieces are now
being displayed at the Prince Albert Gallery. The hope is
that it will serve to inspire the children to the possibility
that anything is possible; as well as playing with the
concept that each of their unique pieces became a part
of a whole - working together to make something
beautiful and energetically creative.

The final five pieces are each made up of nine 15X15cm
canvas blocks. In this way the feel of the paving blocks is
retained and each canvas block (a section of an individual
child's artwork) sits together to create the whole painting.